AMADEUS Concert Singers

Mondays 5:30-7PM - $350

Concert Singers is Santa Clarita Children’s Choir's most advanced performing ensemble for boys and girls. It is comprised of approximately 20-40 singers with previous musical experience and can include students from 7th-10th grades. These singers are chosen from auditions held in September each year or are promoted from the Amadeus Intermediate Singers upon displaying the musicianship skills, vocal skills, and maturity needed to meet the challenge of learning and performing a wide variety of more difficult and sophisticated repertoire. The focus will be on mastery of music theory and vocal/choral technique. Singers perform throughout the community, as well as with the Santa Clarita Master Chorale at COC’s Performing Arts Center in December and June, at the SCCC Mid-Year Concert, and other opportunities throughout the year. Concert Singers rehearses on Mondays from 5:30-7:00. Dues are $350 for the season (September-June).

Amadeus Intermediate Singers

Sundays 6:00-7:30PM - $350

Amadeus Intermediate Singers comprises singers with previous musical experience who audition directly into the ensemble, along with singers who have been promoted from Mozart Apprentice Singers. It is comprised of approximately 25-50 treble singers in 4th-7th grades. Singers are exposed to a wide array of musical styles, composers, and languages within a structured and dynamic, yet fun rehearsal environment. Sight-singing skills are developed along with the use of “bel-canto” singing and emphasis is placed on musicianship, vocal technique and theory. Amadeus performs periodically with the Santa Clarita Master Chorale, at the SCCC Mid-Year concert, and various community opportunities. Dues are $350 for the season (September-June). 

Mozart Apprentice Singers

Mondays 5:30-6:30PM - $220

Mozart Apprentice Singers is designed for 1st-6th graders with little or no previous musical experience. (1st-3rd graders are automatically placed in this group - see Auditions.) With the goal of developing each child’s love of singing and introducing vocal technique, singers are introduced to the fundamentals of music within the framework of a performing ensemble. Through the use of play and partner songs, solfege (syllables used for vocal music) and Kodaly Method, students learn note-reading, rhythms, diction, posture, breathing and other performance skills. Music and singing games along with fun vocal exercises help train their ability to sing in tune and use their “bel-canto” voice. Repertoire is drawn mainly from folk songs and will provide a safe and fun environment for early singing experiences. Mastery of the basic skills is necessary for promotion to Amadeus. Performances include the SCCC Mid-Year concert and various community performances. Dues are $220 for the season (September-June).